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Humiliating dirty slutty little sissy girls and bois is what we do best. Training them to be good little cock suckers, cum eaters and pimping them out to make money for their Mistress is always top of our list when it comes to online sissy humiliation on cam. We dress you up to look as slutty and dirty as possible, we plug that ass and train it to be able to take any size of cock up their, we make sure you know how to suck cock and please alpha males at all time. If you are a sissy girl waiting to be trained, then select from the live cams below and start chattign with online females,Mistresses and women who enjoy exploiting and using you

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Different types of sissy webcam training

We do enjoy proper training of our sissy girls and crossdressers, to ensure that they know exactly what is expected of them in any cam session, from dressing properly, applying make up or being able to have items at their disposal to use to practice their techniques. Mistress will always ensure you bring the exact correct amount of items to your online show.

  • Bring stockings, panties and high heels
  • Make up
  • Sex toys or objects than can be used to practice on
  • A notebook to take down assignments
  • Credit card to pay for your own webspace and hosting (Yes you will be keeping your own blog)
  • slutty outfits or maids outfits
  • A webcam so we can see you and ensure you do as you are instructed

Depending on the type of sissy girl or the type of training that has been decided for you, your online Domina will tell you about other things she may request such as

  • A marker pen to write on yourself
  • A yogurt pot for you to use as a training aid
  • A glass to pee or catch cum in
  • ropes for bondage
  • Pegs for cbt
  • Tinfoil to wrap that cock up and out the way

As we continue to discuss these things on this page you will get an understanding of just how serious our online Dommes take their role as a sissy trainer, this is sissy school and you are set tasks and assignments to please your new powerful owner.