Tease And Denial

Orgasm Control – Edge play – Tease And deny on Webcam

Tease and denial cams or orgasm control, are live Mistresses who enjoy every area of denial. To deny you the ability to wank and cum is the main goal. On webcams, these strict women will call it things like jerk-off instructions, wank instructions, guided masturbation, and edge play.

The main goal at the end is to tease you as you wank but not let you have the outcome of being able to cum at the end. Our live femdom cams are ready to make your life a misery. Stripping naked then denying you any pleasure.

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Teasing Men on Cam Is what Females Enjoy

There are dozens of superior females and powerful women online and they all love to make “men” as you squirm. Nothing gives them greater pleasure or a bigger sense of power than having a grown man begging, pleading, and sobbing with frustration as he wants to cum but is denied.

Ask any of these dominant girls what part of BDSM they enjoy most and the common reply will be tease and denial. It is because of the commonly known fact that all men think with their cocks and that if you control the dick then you control the man.

Think about it, all ANY woman has to do is flash some leg, bend over or push her tits together and nearly all males will be putty in her hand. So imagine how easy it is for a dominatrix to manipulate a sub by finding out his weaknesses and then using every single one of them against him.

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tease and denialAll the Dommes online love to find out what gets you off and then use it to drive you to near insanity with lust and your desire to cum.

If you have a thing for legs, they will flash their legs and put them up close to the screen as they command you to wank and they will gently rub their thighs and calves as you get more and more turned on till you are begging to cum and they will laugh as they tell you “no, you can’t” and make you keep wanking.

If you like leather or rubber, they will dress up in it and get your cock rock hard by rubbing it and making it creak, and showing you close-ups of it hugging their body and how it shines in the light. You will practically be able to smell it as they tease you yet do not allow you to cum.
It is one of the Mistress’s biggest loves to have a male crawling around in tears. They love making you keep wanking and edging but

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edge play, bodyworship

not letting you have that final stroke to gain relief.

They adore making you get your dick hard and wank it slowly at first then faster till you are about to spunk then making you stop. Then start again all the while teasing you with their big boobs, tight asses, and shapely legs. Come watch our live femdom webcams

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They love to see the pained desperate look on your face as your dick throbs, your balls ache, and your stomach knots with the desperation to orgasm. With a throbbing rock-hard cock screaming for relief, they will giggle, cackle, and laugh at your pain as you collapse, doubled up when they constantly deny you.

With precum dribbling and leaking from your swollen cock head, you will be pleading and sobbing at the same time as you desperately try to get her to allow you the relief you need. However, these are mean bitches and superior females and they do not really give a damn about your suffering. In fact, they actually get off on it. Usually, they will be so turned on that they will wank themselves off and make you watch.

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There is not a dominant female online who does not enjoy teasing and denial and orgasm control. The sound of a man begging is music to their ears and what they enjoy most about being a dominatrix. So make yourself useful and log onto a live femdom cam site and let the Mistress there has some fun at your expense.

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